In any romantic relationship, the idea of incorporating gifts comes with joy and happiness for the receiver and the giver. As the receiver feels satisfied and guaranteed love, the giver also feels a sense of confidence in showing love and affection. These feelings can be magnified when the gifts being shared are personalized. Such gifts […]

Get Vaccinated or You’re Fired!

Can your employer require you to be vaccinated for COVID-19? Federal employment laws say “yes”, but many states are beginning to bring forth legislation that will protect those who refuse, from employers who discriminate. Here’s a list of links, to bills for all 50 states that you can cut and paste into your internet browser and see […]

Elon Musk Tweets SpaceX Will Take Literal Dogecoin to the Literal Moon!

Elon Musk tweeted on April 1st that he is planning to literally take the meme cryptocurrency, Dogecoin, to the literally moon through his pioneering aerospace company, SpaceX. The coin had been stagnant and slowly fading at about 0.05 cents, but the coin shot up to 0.069 cents within hours of his tweet (an increase of […]

What is Christian Nationalism?

If you’ve paid attention to the religious discussions about politics, then you have seen two developments. One of the developments is a grassroots solidifying of good ole’ conservatism—what some will call patriotism or nationalism. Recent history shows a close relationship between the emboldening of good ole’ conservatism and Trump’s administration—something that depending on your political […]

Love’s Creation – Fearfully & Wonderfully Made

It is my honor not to only call Lorraine a dear sister in the Lord, but also my dear and good personal friend. I met Lorraine 2 years ago when she was just making her exist out of the Hebrew Roots movement. I was blessed to take part, along with a few brothers in the […]

The Sexual Misconduct of Dr. Bob Lutz

It was revealed at the November 5th Spokane Regional Health District’s board of health meeting that Dr. Bob Lutz was allegedly engaged in unwanted sexual misconduct, in which he is said to have massaged an employee’s shoulders and placed his knee behind the same employee’s knee while massaging her. Among other allegations were a “toxic” […]

Mission Statement:

“To preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and save souls, to put an end to abortion, to teach and maintain correct Biblical doctrine.”


Issue 1, Summer 2019: “Bringing Church to the Gates of Hell”