I Stood Up for Black People When They Wouldn’t Stand Up for Themselves

I watch the protests against police brutality, triggered by the death of one man, and the painting of the streets in D.C. to say “Black Lives Matter”, slightly bemused. And heartbroken. I have stood, alone, in every kind of weather, hungry and tired, protesting the murder of black people. Christians and nonChristians alike have ignored […]

New COVID-19 Vaccine Funded by Bill Gates Coming in 2021

Microsoft founder, billionaire Bill Gates has announced that he is working on a new, invisible, quantum dot digital tattoo implant to track vaccine compliance—including the new COVID-19 vaccine that pharmaceutical leaders such as Inovio Pharmaceuticals expects to be available by 2021. With funding from The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Inovio has stated that they hope to have 1 million vaccine […]