Get Vaccinated or You’re Fired!

Can your employer require you to be vaccinated for COVID-19? Federal employment laws say “yes”, but many states are beginning to bring forth legislation that will protect those who refuse, from employers who discriminate. Here’s a list of links, to bills for all 50 states that you can cut and paste into your internet browser and see […]

The Sexual Misconduct of Dr. Bob Lutz

It was revealed at the November 5th Spokane Regional Health District’s board of health meeting that Dr. Bob Lutz was allegedly engaged in unwanted sexual misconduct, in which he is said to have massaged an employee’s shoulders and placed his knee behind the same employee’s knee while massaging her. Among other allegations were a “toxic” […]

Why Was Dr. Bob Lutz Fired?

Behavioral “Mental Health” Issues Discussed At Spokane Regional Health Meeting Night Before Announcement of Dr. Bob Lutz’s Resignation Demand. During the October 29th Spokane Regional Health District (SRHD) Board Meeting, it was brought up that there were “behavioral health” issues within the department’s internal staff. They also mentioned that they would be introducing “mental health […]

New COVID-19 Vaccine Funded by Bill Gates Coming in 2021

Microsoft founder, billionaire Bill Gates has announced that he is working on a new, invisible, quantum dot digital tattoo implant to track vaccine compliance—including the new COVID-19 vaccine that pharmaceutical leaders such as Inovio Pharmaceuticals expects to be available by 2021. With funding from The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Inovio has stated that they hope to have 1 million vaccine […]