Elon Musk tweeted on April 1st that he is planning to literally take the meme cryptocurrency, Dogecoin, to the literally moon through his pioneering aerospace company, SpaceX. The coin had been stagnant and slowly fading at about 0.05 cents, but the coin shot up to 0.069 cents within hours of his tweet (an increase of 38%) within about four hours. Since then, Dogecoin has settled back down to 0.058 cents, where it stands today.

One has to wonder if Elon Musk is simply having fun testing humanity’s intelligence or whether he is serious about taking a literal digital coin to the moon, especially considering his tweet was inconspicuously on April Fools Day, 2021. CNBC space reporter Michael Sheetz later tweeted: “I know it’s April Fool’s but I don’t for a second question that he means this.” Neither do we.

How exactly do you put an intangible digital meme coin literally on the moon anyway? It’s actually not as outlandish as it sounds. It could be done via a USB drive with a dogecoin crypto wallet or a computer that Elon sets up on on the surface of the moon with dogecoin running on it. Can he also set up Coinbase and do a trade on the moon using Starlink, his new satellite internet service? Personally, I believe him and have no doubt that he’ll do it, given the opportunity.


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