It is my honor not to only call Lorraine a dear sister in the Lord, but also my dear and good personal friend. I met Lorraine 2 years ago when she was just making her exist out of the Hebrew Roots movement. I was blessed to take part, along with a few brothers in the Lord, in grounding Lorraine in Biblical doctrine. But what I didn’t expect, as we ministered together faithfully over the airwaves of Youtube, was that Lorraine is also an extremely talented singer and musician who produces her own original music and lyrics. Drawing on much of her experience from our exodus out of the HRM camp, among other personal and spiritual experiences, Lorraine has written a litany of beautiful, Godly music that will inspire and comfort the soul who’s heart, mind and soul is staid on Jesus Christ. I hope you will enjoy her music, like, share, and support Lorraine’s beautiful music ministry by checking out her music below and consider purchasing her albums for online download! – Afshin Yaghtin, Editor, Saved Magazine.

Psalm 139:14 I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.

With the much anticipated upcoming print issue of Saved Magazine (issue 7) that deals with Creation Science, Afshin Yaghtin came to me and asked me if I had any songs that would be a good fit for the upcoming issue and the online portion of Saved Magazine. I have three albums that span over thirty years with over thirty original songs, and the one that immediately jumped out is from my debut album Best Part of Me, entitled “Love’s Creation.”

My bath and body online business name, “Love’s Creation,” also derives from the song title but is much more in its composition. While the title name is the same as my bath and body online business, where all-natural skincare products are “created with love,” the song in and of itself, speaks to the new creation we are in Christ. We all come to faith in Jesus Christ as broken vessels, and it is only by the power of the Holy Spirit that we become “Love’s Creation.”

Music has always played an intricate part in my ability to worship the Lord, as well as my healing and restoration from all life’s storms. I grew up in a musical family. My father had a Country-Western band and toured all over Colorado when I was a child. My brother often sang with our father and would often sing with my older sister and me. Being raised in such a musical environment gave me opportunities and stirred desires, I would not have had otherwise. I started into the world of Christian music at the age of twelve, where I began to sing publicly for my church. Shortly after, at the age of fourteen, my brother was killed in a car accident, and I would write my first song nine months later, entitled “Jesus Loves You,” that is also on my debut album.

I was blessed with a natural ear for music, natural vibrato, perfect pitch, and the gift of songwriting. Still, because I did not continue my musical studies past a few years of piano lessons, all the songs I wrote (melody, harmony, and lyrics) remained without any musical composition until 2015. I did have the opportunity to have three of my songs put to music, and they are on my debut album. During this span of almost twenty-five years, life happened…I got married, started a family, and my music was put on hold (or rather put on a shelf deep in the back of my mind). I felt I had lost my chance to sing for the Lord; I squandered the talents He had given me, and they were forever lost to me. Several other tragedies befell me, and I had all but given up on my dream of singing and writing music. Jesus, however, had other plans, and I am so thankful that when I had all but given up on myself, He never gave up on me.

A whole new world opened up for me because of the internet and its many websites and musical programs; they were all now available and at my disposal. Because I had been blessed with a natural ear for music, learning the various musical programs was the only obstacle I faced. Once I got past the initial learning phase, creating the music to all the songs I had written became my life focus, and remains to this day. Because I had all these opportunities that I didn’t have some twenty-five years earlier, music exploded for me in 2015. All the songs I wrote now had full musical compositions. I then set out to produce these songs and put out three full-length albums.

Best Part of Me

My debut album, Best Part of Me, is a conglomeration of many of my earlier songs written between 1984-2015. Several lullabies were written for my children and a specific focus on grief and loss lies within this album, including my first song written at age fourteen entitled “Jesus Loves You,” written after my brother’s death in 1984. This song was one of the few that I could have put to music back in 1991. With the ability to create music, I wrote and composed the song “Love’s Creation.”

The Good Shepherd

My 2nd album, “The Good Shepherd,” was produced a a few years later between 2017-2018, with songs from the present and the past. During the creation of this album, I lost both of my parents. My mother passed away in 2017 from Pancreatic Cancer, and my father ten months later to COPD. Two memorial songs written for my parents can be heard on this album, such as “I Am Blessed (A Song For My Mother), and “Tie Your Dream To Mine,” a recreation of the famous Marty Robbins song I was blessed to perform with my father in 1983. Other songs encourage hope, healing, and restoration that is found only in Jesus Christ.

The Return of the King

My latest album, “The Return of the King” features brand new songs and the fantastic collaboration of my good friend and brother in the Lord Danny Childress, who is also a professional musician with his band, DAN. Danny’s musical talents can be found on almost all of the songs on this brand new album. His unique vocals can be heard on “The Wolf and the Lamb” (with a 2nd reprise version where he takes lead vocals), “Street East of the River,” and “The Return of the King.” Also featured on the new album is my son Jordan Rogers, who composed the music to “Right Where You Are,” my graduation gift to him from high school. Finally, the wonderful talents of Sovereign Cross, and their permission to record my version of their hit songs, “Holy Lord,” and “Jesus Fill Us.” The Lord brought amazing people into my life in His perfect timing to complete this latest album project. Watch the professional music video below of “The Wolf and the Lamb:”

I am currently hosting free live concerts on my YouTube channel, “A Standard Bearer,” my artist page on Facebook and on Twitch. On YouTube, I do my concerts on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month at 1 pm PST. I also host a drawing where I give away my albums as well as products from my other business “Love’s Creation.” Please join me over on YouTube for a time of praise and worship and a time of fellowship. On Facebook I try to do a weekly performance as time allows. Over on Twitch, I do a shorter concert every week. Times fluctuate depending on my schedule that week. I’d love a chance to meet new people on YouTube, Facebook and Twitch.




Sign up at my website under the big red arrow to receive three of my songs free. One of the songs you will receive is “The Wolf and the Lamb,” off my latest album, “The Return of the King,” which features Danny’s incredible vocal and musical talents.