When elite intellectuals in the corporate media, politics, and universities discuss the patriarchy, it is usually framed to make conservative Christian men appear to be the main antagonists to the female population. The intellectuals tell us these oppressive men want all women to be out of the public eye, barefoot, pregnant, and washing dishes. They rail against these men calling them “anti-choice” racist monsters who want women to die. Their claims are irrational and frightening, considering there is a Patriarchy intent on destroying all women.


The war on women is not being waged by conservative men, but by misogynistic men on the political left. Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, George Soros, Jeff Bezos, Harvey Weinstein, and their Democrat supporters have all invested billions to oppress, subjugate, dehumanize, sexualize, and silence women. The war on women is being waged on many fronts: women’s sports and bathrooms, universities, pornography/sex work, the medical field (abortion), and social media. Men who are possessed by sexual fetishes are devouring all that which belongs to women and erasing the female identity completely. This erasure of the female identity is being funded by powerful male, liberal billionaires seeking to destroy that which they will never posses: the ability to create life itself. All that they promote destroys life and tramples it into the dust. This is the war on women.

In the last few years a new phenomenon has taken over Western Civilization: men in dresses pretending to be women because they “feel” like women. These men require the approval of everyone around them and they insist that women participate in their delusional fetish. These autogynophiles demand to be allowed into women’s spaces, bathrooms, locker rooms, and dressing rooms and women and girls are supposed to pretend that they belong there. There have been reports of these men gazing at nude women in the showers of locker rooms while they stand there disrobed with an erection. Liberal activists tell us that the right of these men to lurk in the spaces of women are more important than a woman’s right to privacy and safety. Women who question this narrative are accused of being in violation of the human rights of these perverse men in womanface.

These men are not just satisfied by lurking in the corners of women’s spaces: they have also taken over women’s sports and achievement awards. Bruce Jenner, who now dresses as a woman, won Glamour’s Woman of the Year Award and Fallon Fox, a man who broke two biological women’s skulls, was declared the “bravest woman” in sports. We also see men dressed up in drag making a mockery of women reading to children in libraries. How has this insanity infected our society so rapidly and pervasively in such a short amount of time? How has the degradation, dehumanization, and destruction of women become mainstream? Simple. It is being marketed to the world by liberal billionaires who have fully embraced transgender ideology and drag culture for their own ulterior motives.


Perhaps one of the biggest backers of the transgender movement is George Soros. George Soros is an international Hungarian-American Billionaire who funds liberal causes and political candidates around the world. Transmania seems to be his newest pet project. Soros’ non-profit group, the Open Society Foundation, donated millions of dollars to groups promoting bills to allow men to use women’s bathrooms and private spaces and have it deemed a violation of civil rights if they are denied. The Open Society Foundation (OSF) furthers the most outrageous, egregious, and extreme transgender propaganda currently being promoted. Their website states that men pretending to be women should be able to legally change their gender without a diagnosis of gender identity disorder. The OSF website completely denies biological reality in favor of gender stereotypes and promotes gender identity as a human right, despite the danger it presents to biological women. The denial of biology is the denial of reality. This insanity has led to women being targeted by sexual predators who claim to be women. One man going by the name of Jessica Yaniv demanded to have his testicles waxed by several biological female estheticians. When the women rightly refused the sexual deviant, they were further victimized by lawsuits that destroyed their reputations and businesses. This same man promoted a topless swim party at his local public pool for 12 to 20 year-olds that specifically stated no parents were allowed. He also pretends to menstruate and claims he uses tampons and pads on his heavy flow days. Jessica Yaniv is the prime example of a trans-woman that George Soros’ OSF embraces and endorses.

Many other wealthy billionaires support and endorse this insanity, such as Warren Buffet and his son, Peter, who created a nonprofit called, NoVoNoVo partners with Soros’ OSF to push transgender ideology and acceptance in churches, schools, sports, police departments, and other community organizations. They have invested in the American Psychological Foundation to push transgender theories and therapies in order to normalize perversity and groom children into this twisted lifestyle. These organizations lobby local and federal government in order to enshrine gender identity into law. They target small businesses and large corporations to embrace gender theory and market it to their customers. Coca Cola and Kaiser Permanente have both released commercials celebrating transgenderism and Drag Queen Story Hours. This year, the Super Bowl is airing a Sabra Hummus commercial featuring drag queens dressed up as degrading sexed-up caricatures of women, while denying a Pro-Life group from airing their advertisement. There seems to be no escape from the alternate reality that is being built around us by liberal, billionaire men who use their resources to drown out all dissenting voices.


By far the biggest push for gender theory stems from Queer Theory, a twisted ideology being taught in colleges and universities throughout the western world. Universities are the birth place of this evil scourge that is erasing women from our society. “Queer theory is a complete rejection of biological sex, traditional couplings, and western civilization as we know it. It rejects hetero-normative couplings and embraces all forms of sexually depraved fetishes including pedophilia, bestiality, sado-masochism, and incest as legitimate and perfectly acceptable. It rejects all binary standards so there is no right or wrong, no man or woman, no child or adult, no left or right, there is only the mindless pursuit of sexual gratification. The standard-bearer for Queer Theory is the destruction of the female identity.” Universities promoting Queer Theory normalize sex work as legitimate work and pornography as liberating and healthy, while completely ignoring the dehumanizing violence, disease, and danger it poses to women. It comes as no surprise that the endowments and funding for University departments that proliferate the gender trend are coming from billionaire liberals Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos.

The foundations of these wealthy, liberal men not only fund universities in order to subjugate women, they also fund medical campaigns in third world countries and the developed world. They fund abortion programs that directly target minorities and vulnerable populations of women. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has invested millions of dollars targeting 220 million women to coerce them into aborting their children. The foundation claims the abortions they fund are voluntary on the part of the women involved. The Gates’ foundation claims aborting these women’s children will help their home countries to save funds that would go towards caring for these children and allow them to build wells for clean water instead. The Gates’ foundation also uses its resources in implementing population control by distributing birth control and the sterilization of women. This sounds a lot like a final solution in eradicating undesirable populations, rather than charity. Instead of providing pregnancy care, building wells, and schools in these countries the Gates’ foundation is spending millions of dollars eradicating a generation of their children. The Gates’ foundation is not paying for vasectomies, they are funding the sterilization of women and dangerous late term abortions. This is the direct targeting of women who are in a desperate situation: starvation or a free abortion—either choice results in death.

Gates, Buffet, Soros, and Bezos all donate to Planned Parenthood, which is the largest abortion provider in the US and is also the number one educational provider for comprehensive sex ed (which is completely based on Queer Theory) to public schools. Planned Parenthood is perhaps one of the biggest threats to women in the United States of America. It is an evil corporation intent on exploiting and destroying vulnerable women and children for money. Planned Parenthood is a horrendous organization that directly preys on women in crisis and capitalizes and profits from their situations. They target poor women in minority communities who are desperate by promising to take care of them, when instead of offering them help and hope, they simply give them a dead baby, a large bill, and show them the door. To make matters infinitely worse they have been documented selling the pitiful bodies of these women’s babies for a nice profit. Planned Parenthood has also embraced the gender trend and has successfully eliminated the word, “woman”, from most of their literature. They claim men can become pregnant and menstruate. Planned Parenthood uses their “educational” material to groom children for sex. They give school aged children detailed instructions on masturbation, oral and anal sex, and normalize even the most deviant sexual practices. Planned Parenthood also teaches that there is no such thing as biological sex and a person can choose whatever gender they feel like whenever they feel like. This organization is a malevolent and dangerous tool of the New Patriarchy used to subjugate and destroy women and children.


All of the major social media outlets are owned and operated by powerful liberal billionaire men. Mark Zuckerburg (Facebook) and Jack Dorsey (Twitter) are well know for their liberal political ideology; they are also known for silencing women who disagree with their “policies.” They have deplatformed countless women’s Facebook and Twitter pages simply because they claim that women are a biological reality and men cannot become women. Recently, Facebook updated it’s “community standards” to include gender identity denial as hate speech. So let’s get this straight; a person is allowed to deny the Holocaust on Facebook, but if they deny that a man in a dress is a woman they will be kicked off of the social media platform completely. This has happened to both conservative women and radical feminists; both groups of women are outraged by the transgender push to erase biological women. This author, founder of 500 Mom Strong, has been deplatformed twice by Facebook for merely calling out the transgender fraud. The Activist Mommy, Elizabeth Johnston, has also been deplatformed on Faceboook and shadow banned on Twitter. Radical Feminist, Posie Parker, was completely banned from both Twitter and Facebook. Meanwhile, pages run by trans activists and drag queens operate with impunity while they post memes about murdering TERFs (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists) and conservative Christians. The New Patriarchy will stop at nothing to silence women who speak out against their hypocrisy.


“And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel” (Genesis 3:15).

The New Patriarchy is not new, it is in fact the same old Patriarchy from the beginning of time that spawned from the diabolical serpent himself. From the dawn of time, women have been and still are at the mercy of this evil Patriarchy that has sought to destroy women and all innocence. Before Christ came and offered women true freedom and demonstrated to man how men are to treat their mothers, wives, and daughters, women were mere property in the pagan world. Sadly, women are still considered property in many parts of the world today where the teachings of Jesus Christ are absent. Women were and are still sacrificed, mutilated, sold, raped, burned, and murdered. Christ gives women true freedom, value, and worth; this is why so many women flocked to Christ in the ancient world. It is Christ alone who will set us free again from this evil New Patriarchy that seeks to destroy all women and their offspring. Christians can no longer stand idly by and allow this New Patriarchy to wage this heinous war on women. Even as David fought Goliath in his time, so must we now fight this new Goliath, this New Patriarchy.