Behavioral “Mental Health” Issues Discussed At Spokane Regional Health Meeting Night Before Announcement of Dr. Bob Lutz’s Resignation Demand.

During the October 29th Spokane Regional Health District (SRHD) Board Meeting, it was brought up that there were “behavioral health” issues within the department’s internal staff. They also mentioned that they would be introducing “mental health first aid training” for staff members. We can only speculate at the moment—since SRHD has refused to answer specific questions about their demand for Dr. Bob Lutz’ sudden and unexpected resignation, citing that they cannot legally comment on matters involving “personnel”.

Amelia Clark, SRHD’s administrative officer—who looked visibly and deeply troubled during the meeting—said that the reason for the resignation was “personnel issues”. Without clearer answers from SRHD, we can only speculate that if Dr. Lutz is the one being asked to resign due to conflicts with internal personnel, that he was mistreating or abusing personnel in some form or fashion.

Dr. Lutz was often criticized for his draconian lockdown measures, excessive covid-19 mandates, shuttering small businesses, and instituting Orwellian “contact tracing” policies. While a handful of staff members met outside SRHD in support of Dr. Lutz, the vast majority of comments on social media have been in full support of Dr. Lutz’ resignation, mainly by those who want the economy re-opened. Perhaps being called, “Lutz the Putz” one too many times got to him. But, again, we can only speculate, at this point.